• Infinity Recycling, Inc.
     - Recycling

    We are a local, non-profit recycling organization founded in 1989 to serve our mid-shore community by recovering materials that were once considered waste, and using these resources to create local jobs and to provide raw materials for in-county and out-of-state manufacturers.

    Contact: R. Ford Schumann, Jr.
    31850 Millington Road - Millington,MD 21651
    (p) 410-928-3333, (f) 410-928-3338, Email
  • Inn at Huntingfield Creek, LLC
    Contact: Jim & Joanne Rich
    4928 Eastern Neck Road - Rock Hall,MD 21661
    (p) 410-639-7779, (f) 410-639-2924, Email
  • Investor's Friend, LLC, The
    Contact: Doug Camp
    119 A. Unit 4, North Main Street - Galena,MD 21635
    (p) 410-648-6866, (f) 410-648-6877, Email